Audio Production/Singer/Song Writer/lyricist/Composer/Commercial Radio Ads.

Singer/Song Writer:

Audio Production/Singer/Song Writer/lyricist/Composer/Commercial Radio Ads.

Vocalist for CHANGING TYMZ, a new Rock Band creating original music to spread a positive message throughout the world.

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Recorded & Mixed by: Bryan McQuade & CHANGING TYMZ

Recorded @ McQuade Music Studio & Production 

Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum

Cover Art by: Timmy Wysong, Facebook:

Secrets Of The Night, Written by: Rick Neff, Lyrics by: Matthew Martin, Contributing Artist: CHANGING TYMZ and special thanks to Kevin Johnson, "Wanting, Needing, Seeking"

Singer/Song Writter for: Revolution V (Rick Neff & Matthew Martin)

Check Out Ascension the Original Song Written and Played by Eddie Ferreira, Lyrics & Vocals by Matthew Martin & Eddie Ferreira here on this site:

Ascension by Eddie Ferreira & Matthew Martin: